Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break - Day 7

Today's adventure was the Marietta Museum of History Aviation Wing. We drive by this corner every Wednesday on our way to and from BSF and Jason drives by it almost every day going to and from work. The girls always enjoy seeing "the planes on the ground." (We learned to say "on the ground" because they would look in the air when we said "look at the planes.") :-) Jason was able to take a long lunch today and meet us.

They all liked "the big one." That would be a C-141.We were able to go inside it and up in the cockpit. Pilot Emma.Co-pilot HeidiLook out - they are all three in the cockpit!Then Emma moved over to the Flight Engineer seat.There are probably 12-15 planes and helicopters - mostly military - on display. There was a Lockheed Jet Star that we could also go in. Rachel & Heidi deplaning. Engine goes here.Duck under the wing.Now they've taken over a Huey Helicopter!After leaving the airplanes, Jason was able to join us for lunch at "Welcome to Moe's!" It was a nice treat for him to be able to take some time off and do this with us today.

Heidi has been asking me for months if we could plant some flowers. Now I pretty much think I have a black thumb. But we have given it a try today. I had bought three little flower pots for each of the girls a while ago, so we did those today and they are sitting in the window. Hopefully they will bloom. We planted Cone Flowers, Daisies, and Forget-me-not.Then they wanted to plant more, so I decided we would try to make an area around our mailbox. Rachel & Heidi "helped" pull up the grass around the mailbox, so now we have a little squarish area around the mailbox for flowers. We planted some wildflower seeds there, so we'll see what happens. If they bloom, you'll see pictures in the future - if they don't, don't ask. ;-)

Tonight we are doing "camp driveway." We had grilled hamburgers, french fries & corn on the cob for dinner out on the porch. Jason pulled out the camper with some little helpers.It is all set up and we are headed to bed shortly. Hopefully everyone will sleep well! Good night!

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