Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break - Day 5

Today was zoo day! We didn't get the jump on the day I was hoping for, but we didn't have any time schedule we needed to stick to, so it was ok. We arrived at the zoo about 10:45. The first stop is always the flamingos.Next was the elephants - which they all like!Then it was continuing on to see everything else. One of my favorites is the pandas.Learning about lions. Emma really enjoyed reading a lot of the signs around the zoo - learning all kinds of things about various animals, habitats, etc. Heidi and Rachel learned that lions have sharp teeth!Trying to feed the parakeets (I think they were already pretty well fed by the time we got there).Brushing the goats in the petting zoo (she and Heidi have come a long way with this).Cute girls!We finished the day off with riding the carousel. Heidi rode an otter, Emma a bear, and Rachel a crane.FIVE hours later, we were headed out. Everyone was tired. But just outside the gate is a dolphin painted with various animal prints. Great photo op! Except that the subjects for the photo were less than interested by this time. But I like the dolphin anyway!So Emma's favorite animal was "the smiling elephant." She kept saying one of the elephants was smiling. Heidi's favorites were the elephants and flamingos. Rachel's favorites were the dolphin (statue) and flamingos. My favorites were the tigers and pandas. Another successful trip to the zoo!

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