Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break - Day 1

It's Spring Break. We are not traveling anywhere, but we hope to have a fun week of various activities. Saturday started with sleeping in - that meant no alarm set for anyone (happens VERY rarely around here during the school year). However the first little girl alarm came in about 7:30 - not bad. Our church Easter egg hunt was at 11 at a church member's house. They have been hosting this event for 27 years!!! Heidi & Rachel wanted to wear their bunny ears (Emma wasn't interested in wearing hers).Everyone starts off in the front yard playing all kinds of games and doing crafts.Then it's time for the Easter egg hunt. They have a special area for 2 & under and then they release all the rest of the kids by age. Rachel filled up her basket in the 2 & under area pretty quickly.Heidi filled up her basket too! "Look, a Hershey kiss!"Emma found some.Everyone counts their eggs and then there is a prize table to pick from based on how many eggs you collected. Emma got a book, Heidi got a stuffed bunny, and Rachel got a marker & sketch pad set. Next came lunch.After lunch the girls had fun playing on the playground - swings, tire swing, and porch swing.We all had such a good time.

We have come up with a new nickname for Heidi - the idea generator. She is always full of ideas - mostly of something to do or someplace to go. After leaving the Easter egg hunt, she asked if we could go swimming at the Y. Seemed like a good idea and one we could do. So we went home to change, Jason ran to the Y and did his workout and then the girls and I drove there. Jason took the girls to the pool while I did my workout and then I joined them for the last bit before the Y closed.

Then it was time for chicken on the grill and eating on the porch. Such a beautiful and wonderful time of year (as long as you don't have allergy issues).

It was a full, busy, fun day.

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