Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break - Day 2

What a glorious Palm Sunday! Our church had very meaningful services of worship this morning. Heidi's choir sang in both services and Emma's choir sang in the second service. Here is Heidi's choir practicing. A fun little addition was a petting zoo to "celebrate new life!" Part of that was a donkey that led our congregational procession from the parking deck, down the sidewalk and in to the sanctuary (the donkey stopped at the door). After the service, we took the girls out to see the animals. Heidi really liked the little pig (it's difficult to see in the picture, but it was super cute).Emma liked the donkeys.And Rachel says she liked them all.After washing hands, we went to the V with Grammy & Papa for lunch. Good 'ole hot dogs, french fries, onion rings, chicken, and FOs. Yum!

From there, our next stop was back to the Y for their Easter egg hunt and Kids Be Healthy Day. They gathered all the kids in the gym and then dispersed them in age groups to different areas for the egg hunt. Emma and Heidi went with Jason to one area and I went with Rachel to another area. So this is now Heidi's third Easter egg hunt in 3 days and Emma & Rachel's second hunt in 2 days! Rachel has figured this egg hunting thing out!She filled up her basket quickly.There was candy and other treats in each egg, but there were also some "special prize" eggs. Well Rachel found two of those and here she is with her "special prizes!!"The pink one is as big as she is! She wanted to sleep with both of them tonight. It was a little difficult for her to get the big pink one in to her crib.Heidi and Emma contributed their egg contents to Rachel's - and the candy supply continues to grow.

There was lots to do at this event including a cake walk - where they each got a cupcake and some other prizes; "fishing" for ducks;inflatables;and a variety of other things. It was a really fun event! I'm glad we were able to go.

Time to go back home, eat dinner on the porch, and then go out for a Spring Break treat - Menchie's Frozen yogurt. More yum!

Two days in and I'm already tired! :-) Hopefully the girls will all sleep in tomorrow!

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