Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Little Shopper

So I believe I've created a little shopper monster in Heidi. She has always liked going wherever we need to go. A few nights ago she got upset that I was going to the grocery store without her (it was bedtime).

Well, Monday night after dropping Emma off with Jason for BSF, we had this conversation:

Mom: I don't think we have any errands to run, so we'll just go on home.
Heidi: Is there anything that we've run out of that we need to get more of?
Mom: No, I can't think of anything. Can you?
Heidi: No. Let's go to Target and see if we can find anything that we can grow in to.

She loves to shop!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowed/Iced In

Sunday, January 9 it started snowing about 9PM. By 10:30 PM I'm guessing there was at least 2 inches on the ground. That's fast and a lot for around here. We woke up Monday morning to almost 6 inches of snow on the ground! Now that's a whole lot of snow for around here. :-)As Monday went on it continued to sleet and long story short, covered the snow with a 1/4 inch sheet of ice. As the week has gone on, the temperatures have stayed pretty much at or below freezing. So anything that has melted during the day has just added to the ice during the night. The roads have reportedly been terrible with lots of ice. What does all this mean???

1. No school - all week! (I really wonder when the last time that happened.)
2. We have not moved our cars since Sunday evening (Jason did go in to work today (Friday)).
3. All extra-curricular activities have been canceled.
4. No eating out (the piggy bank has appreciated this).
5. One really messed up playroom (it's not worth cleaning if it's just going to end up the same the next day). AND...
6. Lots of fun in the snow and ice!Monday we all got out in the snow to play. Rachel had a particularly difficult time walking. She spent most of her time as a tripod (2 feet and one hand) or on her bottom.She felt the best use of this stuff was to eat it.Heidi tried to make a snow angel, but with the layer of ice on top, it didn't work so well.She and I did manage to make a family of small snowmen (very small).But I think the most fun was had sledding. We started our sledding endeavors with an under the bed box. It worked better as it got more icy.Here is Rachel giving it a try:

Then our neighbor was nice enough to loan us her plastic disc sleds. They worked MUCH better!
As the days went on and it got more icy, sledding got easier. And by Wednesday, the girls were going down the hill with no sled at all. :-)

It's been a fun week, but today - day 5 - I'm kind of done. Especially since there's nothing really left for sledding and it's not conducive for playing in either. Now we're just stuck inside for yet another day. We may venture forth this afternoon - or I may wait 'til tomorrow to make sure roads are clear - I have pretty much zero experience driving on ice.

Here's a neat picture of the icicles we had hanging off of our roof! They got pretty long!Now everyone waits to hear when all these school days will be made up. But its been fun! Now let's get back to regularly scheduled programming.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trip to Pennsylvania

We had planned to leave Sunday, Dec 26 after church and start our drive towards Lancaster, PA to gather with Jason's family. However, with the snow we got on Christmas Day headed north, we thought it might be good to delay our departure a day. That decision was also heavily influenced by all 3 of our children exhibiting signs of potential illness. So we were at the pediatrician's office Monday morning and found out all 3 had ear infections. After getting 5 prescriptions filled, we hit the road. We spent the night in Roanoke, VA at a hotel that had an indoor pool (that's becoming our habit). We took advantage of that amenity in the morning and then got back in the car to finish our drive. We arrived in Lancaster just in time for dinner.

It was great to see everyone when we arrived. And grandma enjoyed seeing her granddaughters.Uncle Jay enjoyed the opportunity to play with little girls again (he has two daughters of his own that are too grown up for this type of horsing around - Emma was sitting in his lap and he'd rock backwards).
We arrived after dark on Tuesday, so we weren't real sure what the snow status was. However Wednesday morning we noticed the hill behind the house was perfect for sledding and had just enough snow on the lower part to have some fun. Uncle Jay had brought sleds with him (Thank you! Thank you!). Oddly enough we almost literally had to drag Emma & Heidi out to go play in the snow. They did not want to go. (They obviously need some training in the fact that they are southern girls and that snow is a treat and it is fun and they WILL enjoy playing with it when they get the opportunity!) :-) Once they were out there, they did enjoy it. Heidi had fun trying to make snowballs.
Then it was time to go sledding! Emma headed down solo.
Heidi and Jason sledding together.Here are a couple videos of the activity:

During our time in Pennsylvania, we really enjoyed the opportunity to visit with everyone - Heidi really enjoyed her time with Aunt Laura!
And it was a treat to get to visit with Grandmom and Grandad!
We had Christmas again with Jason's family.
On Friday, we went to a train museum. Heidi really liked the model trains, but was a little timid of the full-size trains. I think she thought they were going to start up, drive off and honk their horn. Emma loved climbing up on all the platforms and looking inside every car she could.Heidi did help Jason drive the simulator (however, again, she thought they were going to start moving - and she wouldn't push the button that honked the horn).Heidi received a train engineer doll from Grandma for Christmas. She insisted on bringing it in with her.After we had looked at all the full-size trains, we found the room with all the toy and model trains that we could play with. This Lego set was the first when you walked in the door. I think we spent a solid 30 minutes just here.There were also larger model trains for big kids to play with!
And finally at the back of the room was a GeoTrax layout with lots of trains and airplanes. Emma had fun with the remote control airplanes.
We spent New Year's Eve back at the house watching the ball drop on the TV and eating ice cream. :-) Then Saturday it was time to pack up and get on the road to head home. We spent the night in Statesville, NC (at another hotel with an indoor pool) and then finished the drive on Sunday.
The girls all traveled so well. I am very thankful for portable DVD players. However this trip did start something new. We have two players that we have historically linked to each other such that they show the same movie. However there was great disagreement at one point on the way home, so we put headphones with the backseat player and she got to watch what she wanted. Rachel is stuck watching whatever is on the front seat DVD player. Who knows what will happen when she's old enough to verbally disagree with the movie choice. Probably another player and headphones all around! :-)