Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow & Cold

We received our first snow of 2010 on January 14. Honestly - it wasn't much snow around here. Not even enough to build a snowman - not even a really little one - much to Heidi's disappointment. But the light dusting of snow was pretty.

Because it was cold going in to this snow and continued cold for several days after, it got really icy around here. Emma was out of school on Friday and there were car crashes a plenty around the city. Speaking of cold - I read in the paper that it was actually colder here than it was in Anchorage, Alaska!!! Our low that day was 19 and theirs was 29! Crazy.

Even though it was rather cold, the girls spent a little bit of time outside - mostly sliding on ice. And this of course was Rachel's first snow - so we needed some token pictures.
Hoping for some more snow this winter - some we can actually play in!!!

"Hi!" from Rachel

Rachel is now 4+ months old. She has found her voice and enjoys using it at all sound levels. She also smiles a lot - which is just beautiful. She is grabbing on to toys and trying very had to sit up. When I lay her down across my lap, she starts trying to do a tummy crunch. I'm guessing she'll be sitting up on her own before too much longer.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Ok, so I'm a little behind - alright - a lot behind! I've got lots of catching up to do on our blog but here's a start!
We celebrated Christmas with Laura's family the Saturday before Christmas up at Grammy & Papa's house in Dahlonega. It was a fun, special time together. Part of the fun was the kids decorating gingerbread houses.Grammy said she'd put the houses out for the deer to eat. Hopefully they didn't get sick from all the sugar!!! They were VERY WELL decorated gingerbread houses (that is, total area covered with some form of sugar - frosting, sugar, candies, etc).
Rachel taking it all in.
Emma and her pile of presents.

Heidi and her pile of presents.

Emma and Heidi enjoyed the opportunity to help open Rachel's presents. She got lots of diapers.

Rachel did get a few new toys - not just diapers. :-)

Heidi with cousin Lindsay.

Rachel with Aunt Michele.

We went to the family Christmas Eve service at church. Which is code for lots of kids and it's ok if they aren't quiet. It's very much geared to the children which is neat. Emma's choir sang a couple songs, but I didn't get any good pictures.

Heidi and Emma always enjoy their time with Grammy & Papa! Here's Heidi lovin' on Grammy.

This was actually taken a couple weeks before Christmas, but one day when I picked up Heidi from preschool, all of them were dressed as little Rudolphs - complete with antlers and red noses. Here she is with her Rudolph.

Stay tuned for the next post. This was only the beginning of Christmas!