Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Dolls

Heidi has enjoyed playing with baby dolls for a couple years now, I guess. Rachel has observed and has really taken to baby dolls. Because she was frequently wanting to hold one of Heidi's baby dolls (she has 6 or 8), and of course it was ALWAYS the one Heidi NEEDED at that particular time (read between the lines: because Rachel wanted it, she all of a sudden needed it - even though she hadn't paid it any attention in recent history), Rachel received several baby dolls for her birthday in September. So now she has her own. :-)But they still want each others at times.It is so cute to watch her play with them. She puts them in the doll stroller and pushes them around the house; she puts blankets on top of them when "they go night-night"; and she feeds them bottles - including making a sound with her mouth like they are drinking. :-) Too cute!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Three Yellow Jacket Girls

So a friend of mine suggested I post pictures of all 3 of our girls when they dressed as a yellow jacket their first real Halloween. I wasn't sure we had one of Emma (or really, where it was - we've crashed a computer since then), but Jason recently found one. So here you go - just for fun!
Emma 2004Heidi 2007Rachel 2010