Sunday, April 1, 2012

School Happenings

Last Monday, the 2nd graders at Emma's school put on a musical called "Nuts - A Musical Play That Celebrates the Circle of Life." It was really cute and they all did a great job! There were kids dressed as Chicken Little, skunks, "big bad squirrels," trees and a variety of other characters. But most of the kids (the chorus for the play) were dressed as acorns. They sent home brown garbage bags to be stuffed with newspaper and then we were to come up with our own acorn top for a hat. Thankfully one of Emma's classmates' grandmother made acorn hats for their class - super cute ones! Very authentic I thought. The cafeteria was packed with parents (there are about 200 2nd graders = LOTS of parents). Heidi, Rachel and I had to stand towards the back, so we couldn't see Emma very well. But she seemed to do well. Here's our little acorn after the performance:Heidi's Easter party was Friday at school since we are on Spring Break this week. Jason was off work, so Heidi asked him to come to her Easter party. She enjoyed having him there. She also enjoyed the cupcakes...And the craft (proud of her finished product which is hanging on the refrigerator).But she said her favorite part was hunting Easter eggs. Each student brought in 12 filled eggs and they had an Easter egg hunt outside. This was round 1 for Easter egg hunts for Heidi - and the candy accumulation begins.

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