Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break - Day 3

Everybody slept in - yeah! (Except Jason who unfortunately does not have Spring Break from work this week.) We had a lazy morning around the house. Once everybody was dressed, I packed a picnic lunch and some stale bread and we went to the pond and playgrounds at Heidi's school. There were no ducks, but we fed the fish and turtles quite well.One turtle was trying to get the large pieces Rachel was throwing in. And there were lots of fish (the dark spots).We then had a picnic lunch and moved on to the playground. Swinging is always a favorite - and since no one else was there, they were able to all swing at the same time!This is Rachel's new favorite way to swing - especially when I'm not around to help her get on.Down the slides...It was about time to go and need for a potty was expressed, so we left this playground. However on the way to the building to go potty, Emma asked very nicely, "after we go potty, can we play a little bit more?" How could I resist that request? So we did play a little bit more on a different playground. They really liked the "tire" swing again.The rest of the day was spent at home with everyone doing their various things.

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