Monday, February 1, 2010

What I Learn at BSF

Heidi started attending BSF with me last year after she turned 2. Part of their morning routine is saying the Pledge of Allegiance and then singing "My Country Tis of Thee." So at home she'll bring me one of the little flags we have floating around the house - require me to hold it in my left hand and put my right hand over my heart. Then she says the pledge and breaks in to song. She's missing a few words, but it's still pretty cute. Here's a recent video of this:

(OK, so I need to learn about uploading video clips. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.)

Rachel also now attends BSF with us too. BSF started an under-2 program in January. It's a wonderful opportunity for mothers of young children to be able to participate in BSF. You may think - what do they do with a 5 month old??? Well, they read a bible story to her, sing a hymn, and pray for her every week. Pretty cool, hunh! I'm not sure Rachel has much of an opinion of it yet - she slept completely through the first two weeks she went.

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