Monday, February 15, 2010

Heidi's New Bike

So most of you know I'm a consignment sale junkie. I just really enjoy going to consignment sales to see what I can find. They are a fabulous resource for most everything kid related - especially young kids. (And if you have young kids and don't know about consignment sales - oh, you are missing out. There is a great website: that lists area consignment sales. They are based in the Atlanta area, so they have a great listing of sales around here. But they do have other states listed - so check it out. End of commercial.)

Anyways, I recently went to one and found this bike for Heidi. We have another small bike like this for Emma, but thought it would be good to have two. And this one seemed very appropriate for Heidi - It has the Disney princesses on it. :-) AND it has a bag on the front. Heidi LOVES putting things in bags. So she has taken blocks, Little People figures, etc and put them in her bicycle bag.She does pretty well pedaling it. She just hasn't completely figured out the coaster brakes - that if she pushes back on the pedals, the bike stops. But we'll get there. In the meantime, she's really enjoying pedaling back and forth on the driveway.

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