Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Snowing!!!

With the snow that came on Friday, we got between 2.5 and 3 inches. It was beautiful.

With the pending snow, Emma got out of school an hour early, but they were still able to get in their Valentine's party. Heidi had had her Valentine's party on Thursday. Both had received several lollipops - and these girls particularly like their lollipops. So here are my lollipop girls!
It's snowing!!!
The first thing Heidi did was go jump on the trampoline in the snow - "making foot prints."
Heidi snow angel.
Working on our snowman - I think this is the middle ball.
Snow baby: Rachel fell asleep while I was walking around with her, so I put her down in the snow and got this picture - then quickly picked her up again.
Emma tossing snow at Daddy.
Our snowman is almost done.
The finished product. Heidi REALLY didn't want us to use "her" blocks for the face or the circus hat. She was afraid of them getting wet. But she eventually was ok with it.
We don't have a sled, but innovative Daddy grabbed a piece of cardboard out of the garage and pulled the girls around the front yard a little bit. They called it their "sleigh!"
It was fun to have a good bit of snow. We haven't had that much snow around here in quite awhile. It's pretty much all gone now - except for our snowman. But as Heidi says, "he's getting tinier." We were possibly getting a little more snow last night and this morning, but it was just rain. Maybe we'll get another snow before Winter is over.

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