Friday, February 5, 2010

Rachel at 5 Months

Rachel was 5 months old yesterday! My how the time goes by quickly. At her 4 month check up, she weighed 12 lbs. 4 oz. We don't go for a 5 month check up, so we'll have to wait for her next weigh in at 6 months. But she is beginning to wear 3-6 month clothes - depending on the brand. Lengthwise, they seem to be ok, but I guess she has short arms, 'cause lots of them hang way over her hands.

She continues to "talk" sweetly and Emma and Heidi enjoy interpreting. She is really close to sitting up on her own. She can sit for 10-20 seconds or so...

and then she shifts a little and gravity takes over.

But she doesn't mind rolling over.

She is kind of on an eat, play, sleep schedule. She eats about every 4 hours - give or take depending on what's going on - time to pick Heidi up from preschool; time to watch for Emma's bus; time to go to BSF; etc. She is fed in the car quite frequently and lots of her naps are in her car seat. Poor thing. But she is sleeping pretty well at night - for which we are VERY grateful! Her favorite position is arms straight up over her head. She generally starts every night like this. But within the last several weeks, she's become mobile and we'll find her 60 - 120 degrees rotated from how we left her.

I'm thinking we'll give cereal a try this weekend! Stay tuned...

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