Monday, February 15, 2010

First Cereal

So we started giving Rachel cereal last Thursday. The box says for the first feeding to mix 1 tbsp cereal with 4-5 tbsp liquid. I did 1 tbsp cereal with 3 tbsp liquid and it was still SUPER watery. Which I guess is the idea - easing them in to it. But it was pretty much like spoon feeding her liquid - on a very small spoon. :-) It was very hard to tell if she was even consuming anything between what dribbled down her chin and what she spit out. So the next time (which was last night) I mixed a thicker consistency - which seemed to work better for me - and she ate it just fine. So we'll keep working on this and increasing the amount. Then we'll be on to veggies!!

And of course, Heidi wanted to be on hand to supervise.

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