Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Zoo Trip

Both girls were out of school the whole week of Thanksgiving. So we took the opportunity to enjoy a day at the zoo with some friends. (The family membership at Zoo Atlanta is a deal - we love being able to take friends with us!) Here is our traditional birds nest photo with all our little birds.There is a parakeet aviary where you can buy a stick with bird seed on the end and feed the birds. Heidi and Rachel really liked this.We were there on a very pleasant day - not too hot and not too cold - which means a lot of the animals were out and about and more active than I've ever seen. The gorillas in particular were quite animated. There were 3 or 4 romping around with each other - tackling each other, throwing leaves at one another - it was entertaining for all of us.

We ended our visit with the train, carousel...and petting zoo.It was a really fun way to spend the day.

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