Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Season Activities

It's Christmas Eve and I'm trying to get caught up on our busy December Christmas activities!

Let's see, on December 6, we went to the "Happy Birthday Jesus Party" at Heidi's preschool. It's a fun evening of dinner, music, and crafts. Here they are watching/listening to the musician.Next, on December 8, we went to Lockheed's Annual Tree Lighting. We enjoyed the elementary school choir singing their holiday songs and then stood in a long line to see Santa. From occasional mentions of Santa leading up to this, I had the impression that Rachel was not going to be interested in sitting with Santa. And Heidi continues to be timid of Santa as well. But we wanted to try. When it was our turn, Emma went right up and climbed on his lap. We had to coerce Heidi to get close enough to hand Santa her list (which she wrote out herself), but she was not about to get close enough for a picture. And Rachel had a death grip around my waist with her legs and my neck with her arms. SO... We have a nice picture of Emma with Santa.However they did all enjoy getting the stocking from Santa.Maybe next year...

On December 15, Heidi's preschool had a "4's and 5's Christmas Music Program." Heidi was very excited about it. She was asking me days in advance which day her music program was. I knew she attended a pretty large preschool, but it doesn't feel big - but when you see they have 120+ 4 and 5 year olds - it looks big! It was cute and they did a great job. Here is a video of one of their songs. (Heidi is right in the middle with a black dress on.)

Emma had a school project due on the 16th - they were to dress up as the main character from a book they had read - and they had a character parade. Emma has really enjoyed VeggieTales' Little Drummer Boy movie this season, so she wanted to be The Little Drummer Boy. However - that's a movie, not a book. So I went on a search and finally found myself at Barnes & Noble buying a Little Drummer Boy book. She read it and dressed up like The Little Drummer Boy (Girl) for school.She also enjoys the Little Drummer Boy song and often asks for it to be repeated if it's playing on a disc in the car. Rachel likes it too but she calls it "Drummy Boy."

Saturday the 17th, we gathered with my family in Dahlonega to celebrate Christmas.

Rachel with her cousins (always in the mix - don't you dare tell her she's only 2!)Grammy & HeidiDaddy helping Emma with her gifts (a bible cover for her bible she takes to BSF)Presents (an individual ice cream maker - all the grand kids got one and we're looking forward to using it!)Rachel working hard at tearing in to her presentEmma got some new books from Great GramHeidi & Rachel both received baby doll bath toy setsEmma received a large stuffed horse, which she promptly named "Cosmo" (that is the name of the pony she rides every week).Sisters and MomALL the grand kids with Grammy & PapaFinally, last night we went to the Lights of Life put on by Life University here in Marietta. We've been going every year for awhile now and really enjoy it. Before you get too far in to the lights, they have a place to park and get out for other activities...

Fun picturesPony ridesDespite the timid look on her face, Rachel did really enjoy the pony ride.A train rideAnd a petting zoo. All three girls wanted to go in the petting zoo. Emma, of course, enjoyed it.I was allowed in with Rachel since she is young and I wanted to keep an eye on Heidi since she doesn't always do well with animals. But boy did she surprise me!!! She started with petting a bunny.Then she pet a duck.She saw a lot of the other children holding various animals and decided she wanted to hold a bunny. So I picked one up and gave it to her to hold.Rachel of course wanted her turn with the bunny.Then Heidi decided she wanted to hold a chicken! That's right - a chicken! Who is this child??? She tried picking one up on her own, but didn't succeed. She was trying to pick them up in the middle rather than from underneath. She picked this one up that way, but then I put my hands underneath and it hopped on to my hand.There were two small white ones that she really wanted to hold. She finally found one and picked it up all by herself.I couldn't believe it! I think she was pretty proud of herself. :-)

After the petting zoo we got back in the car and drove through the remainder of the light display. It's a really nice display and it only costs $5 per car (all the activities have costs on top of that). I highly recommend it if you live in the area - although I also highly recommend arriving close to 6 PM when they open. When we left at 8 PM, the line to get in was SUPER long!!!

Tonight we attended our church's Christmas Eve service at 5 PM and then went to The Varisty with my parents for dinner.So that's been our December thus far. The girls are excited about Christmas tomorrow. That post will likely occur sometime in January.

Merry Christmas!!!

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