Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Advent Musical

Our church had a wonderful Advent Fair this past Sunday. It began with a musical done by the Junior (1st-5th grade) and Cherub (3 yrs-K) choirs. Emma is in the Junior choir, but chose not to participate. She wanted to just watch her friends. Heidi is in the Cherub choir. She loves to go to choir and knew the two songs they were singing.

On Saturday, they had a dress rehearsal. When it was time for the Cherub choir to go up on the stage, Heidi would not go. I asked her why and she said, "I just want to play with Rachel." Never mind she lives with Rachel, can play with her all the time, and had been playing with her for a couple hours already that morning. So I asked if Rachel went up with her would she go - and she said yes. I asked Rachel if she wanted to go up on stage and she immediately hopped out of her chair and headed up on the stage with Heidi following. Rachel stood perfectly with the rest of the Cherub choir the entire time they were practicing (about 30 minutes). The Cherub choir was going to be in angel costumes and they ended up fitting Rachel for one too. Once she was fitted for a costume, there was no turning back - she was GOING to be an angel.

She did everything the rest of the Cherubs did and even sang parts of the songs (third child - captive audience in the car listening to the practice CD). The entire musical was great - all the kids did a wonderful job memorizing lines and singing.

Our "angels"The littlest angel right in the middle.Not sure what was so funny, but it's a cute picture.After the musical, the children were encouraged to go up to the gym to make some take home crafts as well as do some service projects (decorate goody bags and baby socks that will be given to kids in a children's shelter; make Christmas cards to send to some of our home bound church members).Oh, and decorate sugar cookies! Yum!It was a really fun evening! So thankful for the church family we are blessed to be a part of.

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