Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things They Say

Laura: Was that Thunder?
Heidi: Check the radar.

Friend at church (to Emma): What makes your blue buckle special?
Emma: God made my blue buckle special!

(Heidi is not generally known for being quiet herself, so it was funny to hear her say this.)
Heidi: I'm teaching my baby (a stuffed hippo) to be quiet.

(Totally unprompted comment.)
Emma: Now THAT was a good dinner!

(Heidi & Rachel like to make sure they tell Emma goodnight. This particular night, they were all in her bed.)
Emma: One at a time!!!

(Rachel was laying in the kitchen floor for no apparent reason.)
Emma: Rachel, get up. Someone is going to step on you!

(Finally, Rachel likes Bandaids. Any time she thinks she has any "boo boo" of any kind - no matter how small - she asks for a Bandaid. The way she says it is "bay-bay." We had some Mickey Mouse Bandaids, which we ran out of and subsequently learned that they were her favorite. Now she keeps telling me, "more Mickey Mouse.")

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