Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Festivals

Heidi's school Fall Festival was on October 1. She was talking about it for days - asking if it was the next day? the day after that? the day after that? It finally did arrive and she very much enjoyed it. She is still not interested in any of the inflatables, but there were lots of other things to do. Each class participates in running a booth - everything from a variety of inflatables, to face painting, treasure hunt, fishing, cupcake walk, animal bowling, pony rides, etc. There is something for everyone. She was particularly looking forward to a pony ride. We stood in line for the better part of 30 minutes, but they enjoyed watching the ponies.It was finally their turn. Emma and Heidi went first. Emma is in the green jacket waving and Heidi is behind her.Heidi really enjoyed it.
Next it was Rachel's turn - and this was her very first pony ride. I think she liked it!
Heidi had fun painting a pumpkin - which now sits on our kitchen table.They all had fun on a train ride around the parking lot.And Rachel was particularly fond of the lollipops that were handed out as prizes at the various booths.
It was a fun day for everyone and a successful fundraiser for the preschool.

Emma's Fall Festival was 3 weeks later on a Friday evening. It had a carnival theme, so lots of carnival related games, various inflatables, cotton candy, etc. Heidi took to the carnival games of trying to knock things over by throwing bean bags.Emma tried the inflated climbing wall - a little difficult when the steps aren't firm.
Emma (first) and Rachel (third) went down the inflatable slide.
We ended our time there with cotton candy. Emma and Heidi have had it before and like it.
However, this was Rachel's first experience with cotton candy. She took her first bite off the top and immediately spit it out. Is cotton candy an acquired taste/texture? She didn't eat much of it. Her face here seems to indicate what she thought of it.
It was another fun time had by all.

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