Monday, September 19, 2011

Emma's Fun Run

Emma's school fundraiser was the Boosterthon again. I really like this fundraiser. The Boosterthon team does such a great job making it fun for the kids, and I really like the character building program they present. This year they went on an EPIC Adventure. They learned four ways to be a great teammate:

E- Encourage – Team members build each other up with their words and never tear anyone down.

P- Play – It’s important for teams to exercise and play together outside, building friendships on the playground and in the neighborhood.

I- Invite –Sometimes people may be outsiders or feel excluded from the group. Great teams see others on the sidelines and invite them into the group.

C- Celebrate – Celebrating other’s victories is so important. Team members are not jealous of other’s successes; they celebrate with them and should applaud everyone’s accomplishments.

I don't know about you, but I think those are wonderful things to be teaching elementary students these days.

Anyways, each child gets pledges for the number of laps they run. On the day of the fun run - it is a big party! They have music blasting out on the field. They introduce each class and the class runs "out of the tunnel." Here comes Emma's class!Then they do some fun warm up exercises with the kids and go over what they have learned over the last two weeks on their "EPIC Adventure!" Then it's off to the races. Emma had fun, but I think she walked more this year than last year. But here she is running - complete with the swinging pony tail! :-)She completed 26 laps - this is the back of her shirt. A teacher marks their shirt each time they come around, so they can keep up with the number of laps each child has completed.Rachel and I went to cheer her on this year (Heidi was already at school this time - much to her disappointment).Emma with one of her good friends.It really is a lot of fun for everyone involved and the fundraiser was a huge success for the school!

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