Sunday, September 11, 2011

Heidi's First Soccer Game

Heidi is playing soccer this fall for the first time. She watched Emma play and has been asking to play ever since. She is on a team with 7 other pre-k girls and their team name is Pinkalicious! :-)Their first game was this past Saturday and she had so much fun. She has seen enough soccer that she generally knew what to do. But this age is so cute in that each girl is really their own team. They each want to kick the ball and score a goal - even if it means taking it from a teammate. I wonder at what age passing starts.

They did some team stretching before the game.They practiced taking shots on the goal.Every girl (I think) had the opportunity to play goalie (Heidi in the goal).Heidi kicking the ball.
And she did score her first goal! Every time the team scored, the coach would lift up each of the girls that was out on the field at the time. Here he is lifting up Heidi after she scored her goal.
She had a lot of fun. I think she's really going to enjoy playing soccer.

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