Sunday, March 11, 2012

Backtracking to Christmas Morning

We got our camera with our Christmas pictures on it so I'll be making a few posts of pictures from December. These are from Christmas morning at our house...Santa brought Heidi a microphone, a stuffed dalmatian, and a Leapster game. I don't remember if I told this story already, but Heidi asked Santa for a microphone last Christmas, but didn't get one. She came to the conclusion this year that she didn't get it last year because her list was too long. So she'd be sure to make a shorter list this year. She and Rachel have enjoyed it a lot! I'm not sure what Santa was really thinking, because these girls do NOT need any help with amplification. But they are really loving it.
Rachel tearing in to a present.
Emma reading the back of her newest Curious George DVD.
Heidi and Emma received wrist watches - Heidi was particularly excited about hers. We're still working on telling time with both of them.Jason and I gave them one big present that they all get to share.
A Plasma Car!!!
Heidi's turn.Rachel's turn.
Emma's turn.
Even Jason took a turn (and so did I). It's a really fun toy for everyone.
With Christmas morning celebrations finished, it was time to start packing to head up to Pennsylvania. Those pics will be next.

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