Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heidi's Latest

Heidi has been asking to take ballet for over a year. A lot of her friends have taken a ballet class at preschool. We recently found a great opportunity at one of our favorite places - Champion Kids. It's a ballet & jazz class. They do ballet for 30 minutes then jazz for 30 minutes. Heidi is really enjoying it. We did need to find a leotard - and she wanted to add the skirt.At the end of each session, the parents are invited in to see the dance they are working on. This is an action shot of the jazz dance they are learning. I hope to post a video once I get a good one.
Finally, Heidi is growing up too fast! She has already lost her two front bottom teeth!!! She lost the first one in mid-January and the second one last night! The adult teeth practically pushed the baby teeth out - in fact you can already see both in this picture.
She continues to enjoy preschool and is currently staying after one day a week for "Girl's Class" - all things girly! Soccer will start up again in March, so stay tuned for those pics.

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