Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Half Marathon

Jason and I ran the Publix Georgia 1/2 Marathon last March. They have a registration blitz right after the event, so we signed up last March to do it again this March. (And yes, we are already signed up for the 2013 1/2 marathon.) Despite the fact of having a year to train, we didn't really start training 'til January. If you are "friends" with me on Facebook, then you've seen my training log. We both did pretty decently with a couple mid-week runs most weeks and long runs on the weekends. Thankfully our friend Travis joined us in this training too (thankfully for me in that he and Jason would take the girls in the strollers for the long runs and I didn't have to push them. Now that's what you call a good friend!)

So the 1/2 was this past Sunday and it was a great day to run. A bit warmer than most of our training runs, but not bad. I was hoping to complete it in under 2:30. My official time (which includes a 3 minute potty stop) was 2:28:51; so taking out the potty stop, my watch time was 2:25:48. I was VERY pleased with that. Jason completed it in 1:55:25. And Travis was just over 2 hours. Here are the happy finishers!

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