Sunday, March 25, 2012

All in the Cr-V

Wednesday afternoon while I was waiting to buy gas, I noticed the temperature gauge on the van was really close to hot. As I drove it the gauge would go down while moving, but go back up when idling at a traffic light. And then it had trouble starting. Thankfully I was able to get to Heidi's school to pick her up and back home without incident. But Jason went ahead and made arrangements for us to take it to the mechanic on Thursday morning. Long story short, it was continuing to overheat on the way to the mechanic, so I pulled over less than a 1/2 mile from the shop and AAA came and towed it the rest of the way. Two days later, we had a new water pump. Thankfully that seems to have solved the problem.

But, with the van in the shop, we had to figure out how to get around in one car - one car that we have NEVER all 5 been in at the same time ('cause we didn't think we could). Well, Jason worked at it and with Rachel's car seat in the middle and the two booster seats on the sides, it is practically the perfect fit. The armrests of the booster seats fit just right under the armrests of Rachel's seat. Buckling the two booster seats was a little challenging, and I had to slam the doors to make sure they closed all the way, but the girls seemed to like riding RIGHT next to each other.When we found out the car wouldn't be ready Thursday night, we went to pick up Jason from work after Emma's riding lesson. We had a little bit of time to kill before he was ready and it just so happened that there were two C-130's doing fly-bys and touch-n-go's. We watched them flying around as we made our way closer to the runway. One flew right over our car at the end of the runway. I knew the other one was coming soon, so I turned around and we went back to park in a parking lot so we could watch it come in. Some people chase tornadoes, some people chase trains, we had fun chasing airplanes! The girls loved it.

After picking up Jason, we went to the Marietta Square for dinner and then fun around the fountain. The girls always want to throw money in to the fountain - luckily I had 3 pennies. So they each tossed one in. Rachel & Jason after tossing her penny.And they had fun following each other walking up on the brick borders around the fountain. Here they are each on a different step.It was a fun evening. Who says having car trouble is all bad? I'm thankful to have the van back, but we had a good time and it's nice to know that we can all fit in the Cr-V if we have to.

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