Saturday, November 26, 2011

Heidi's Birthday

Heidi's birthday was October 24 (yes, I'm a month behind on my blog). When I asked her what she wanted to do for her party, she said she wanted to play games. She had in mind board games. However, I was not interested in tackling board games with 10-15 four and five year olds (sometimes it's hard enough with just one). So, the idea turned in to a carnival in our back yard.

Thankfully it was a gorgeous day and everyone seemed to have a good time. Fourteen of Heidi's friends came to the party. When they arrived they were given a bag with their name on it that had 10 tickets in it. They were to use these tickets to play the different games. Once they played the game, they picked a prize and put it in their bag - this became their goody bag. It seemed to work pretty well.We had a ring toss, stuffed animal basketball, hopscotch, bean bag toss, and our carnival ride was our Little Tikes "roller coaster." Here are some friends doing the bean bag toss.Grammy was gracious enough to come and paint faces.We did a "cupcake walk" with no cupcakes, just candy.And our trampoline and swing set were enjoyed by everyone too.The last planned activity was a pinata. Heidi took the first few cuts at it.
After 8 or so friends had tried, the baseball player (straight from a game and still in his uniform) got his chance.Michael beheaded the pinata and everyone came scrambling for the candy.Finally it was time for cake and ice cream. Heidi requested a Cinderella cake again this year. This time I decided to go the easy way out - just stick figurines on top. :-)
It was a really fun party but I have to admit, I was COMPLETELY exhausted when it was all over with. Heidi really enjoyed all the games but most of all she enjoyed spending a couple hours playing with so many of her friends.

The evening of her actual birthday, we took her to her favorite dessert place - Pinkberry.
One tired birthday girl...
The Cinderella balloon she is holding in the car is what we tied to the mailbox the day of her party. She carried this balloon around with her for over a week - in and out of the car; she'd take it outside and play with it (she tied it to an empty wrapping paper tube so it wouldn't fly away).

So now she is 5 years old!!! She is growing up fast. We love you Heidi!!!

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