Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

About a week before Halloween we went to a local church pumpkin patch. The girls enjoyed walking around all the pumpkins. Heidi & Rachel decided to fill up a wheel barrow with as many pumpkins as they could. I think they wanted to get them all, but in the end they each got one little one and we bought a large one to carve.This pumpkin patch added some fun to searching for the perfect pumpkin - they had a purple glittery pumpkin that was hidden in the pumpkin patch. If you found it, you got a treat! Heidi found it...and then Emma found it.They each got to pick out a baked good as their treat.

A couple days before Halloween we finally carved our jack-o-lantern. Heidi asked day after day when we were going to do it. She wasn't interested in getting her hands gooey, but she intently watched as Jason and I carved it up. She was proud of the finished product.Jack and our three little pumpkins.

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