Friday, October 28, 2011

Heidi Haircut & Soccer

Heidi has such fine hair I have never figured out what to do with it exactly. It seemed like it was always in her face - falling out of whatever "hair restraining device" we were using that day. So I decided the week before her birthday to go get it cut. She's had several hair cuts before, but they've mostly just been trims. This was a hair CUT! The stylist said the shorter it was, the heavier it would look. I couldn't go super short, but it's right at her chin and looks super cute! She likes it too! :-)She has wrapped up her Fall soccer season. She had a great time playing and learning and wants to play again in the Spring, so we'll plan on that. Here she is throwing the ball in during their last game of the season.After the last game of the season, each team is given a pizza party and each player receives a trophy. Heidi was very excited to receive her first trophy. :-)
Come back in the Spring for more soccer pictures and to see what her team name is! Might be hard to beat "Pinkalicious!"

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