Thursday, December 9, 2010

Visit with Santa

This past Tuesday we went to Lockheed's Annual Tree Lighting. It was rather cold! But we bundled everyone up and we enjoyed the music presented by a local elementary school choir. Then Santa arrived on a fire truck. Thankfully he goes inside for pictures. We ended up towards the end of the line, but after about an hour wait, the girls got to talk with Santa and have their picture made.Heidi's list (some of which she wrote herself as I spelled things for her - I wish we'd thought to take a picture of it before she was literally walking up to Santa).As I mentioned in a few posts back, Heidi has said she much prefers Mrs. Claus to Santa. And she had plans to give her list to Mrs. Claus and she could tell it to Santa. WELL.... Mrs. Claus wasn't exactly there this year. There was a lady handing out stockings to the kids after they sat with Santa and Heidi called her Mrs. Claus, but she wasn't really there to be included in pictures. But Heidi did VERY well with Santa. When it was her turn she walked up to him and handed him our pile of lists (she was in charge of all 3). He started reading hers and asking her about it and she answered his questions and everything!Then it was Emma's turn to talk about her list.Rachel wasn't too sure what to think. I held her until it was group picture time and she lasted about 30 seconds on his lap before she was ready to go.An overall successful visit with Santa!

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