Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thanksgiving in Dahlonega

After sleeping in on Wednesday (we got in from Ohio at 12:30 AM), it was time to get ready for Thanksgiving. Go to Publix, make a pecan pie, re-pack an overnight bag for all of us and drive to Dahlonega to spend the night at my parent's house. After dinner there, we all piled in to our van and drove in to town. The U.S. Capital Christmas Tree made a stop in Dahlonega on it's way from Wyoming to D.C. The trucker who was hauling it is from Dahlonega, so they got to make a detour to his hometown. It was on a really long truck with just a small window to view it.The town was decorated for Christmas and had a celebration and various activities surrounding the time the tree was there. I'm guessing this is where Santa sits, but he wasn't there, so the girls piled in to the sleigh.One of those things was a live nativity. However we got there right as they were finishing it and it was more like a petting zoo for us. Which Emma loved.And Heidi and Rachel were a little more timid of the animals. I'm not sure Heidi's feet touched the ground while we were near the animals. Eventually I think they did both touch a sheep or goat.After seeing the animals, the tree, and taking in the Christmas lights on the square, we went to Dairy Queen for a treat. Couldn't resist posting this great picture of Grammy with her girls.We spent the night at Grammy and Papa's house and the rest of the family arrived on Thursday.

Emma with Uncle Curtis and Brooks.Heidi playing with Lindsay.Chinese Checkers - the game that unites the generations. :-)SistersFamily!It was a wonderful day to spend together. SO thankful for my family!!!

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