Thursday, December 2, 2010

Heidi's List for Santa

I have some catching up to do on posts, but had to post this before I forgot it. Jumping from Halloween to Christmas...

Heidi has a project to do for school this week - cut out 5 pictures of things she wants Santa to bring her this year and attach them to a paper stocking. I mentioned the project to her this afternoon and that we needed to look for pictures of things she wanted Santa to bring her. She paused for a minute, then said, "will Santa see the stocking or will you email him?"

I told her if we got her stocking back from school, maybe we could take it with us when we go see Santa & Mrs. Claus next Tuesday and she could show it to Santa. (If you remember from last Christmas' posts, Heidi is not so fond of Santa, but is fine with Mrs. Claus. And thankfully, Mrs. Claus travels with Santa when they visit Lockheed. ;-)) She asked me if Mrs. Claus and Santa talked. I took that to mean - do they have voices to talk. So I said, "yes." However, she meant it - do they communicate with each other; because her response was, "I love Mrs. Claus, 'cause she's my friend. I'll show my stocking to Mrs. Claus and then she can tell Santa." This child always has a plan. :-)

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