Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Preparations

We ended the Thanksgiving weekend with going to pick out a Christmas tree. Our neighbor has a tree lot nearby that we enjoy going to. They are beautiful, freshly cut trees nicely displayed for easy viewing. Heidi was VERY in to picking out a tree. She would walk up to one, point, and say, "how about this one?" Then on to the next tree - same thing. :-)They all towered over Rachel!
Heidi had a tendency to pick out trees that were taller than we needed. So Jason told her we needed a smaller one. After a little bit, she called to us - "How about this one!!" I think she really wanted it - it was definitely smaller! Then we had to tell her we needed one bigger than that (how we confuse our children). I asked her if I could take her picture with it since we weren't going to buy it.They have a wood stove set up at the lot to keep them warm as they man the lot through cold evenings. And it was a cold evening when we were there! Here is Emma enjoying the warmth. As soon as we got home, Heidi wanted to know when we could decorate the tree. When could we put lights on the tree? Could she help? It took 5 days to get it all done, but the end result is beautiful! (Although I need to get a clearer picture.)Merry Christmas!!

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