Thursday, September 2, 2010

Emma's Soccer Practice

Emma is playing soccer for the first time this Fall. She expressed interest in it, so we signed her up for a church league near us. They had their first practice last Thursday but Emma wasn't really interested in participating. By the end of the practice she was sort of participating. But they had their second practice tonight and she did so well (if I may say so myself). She followed directions really well, she waited in line for her turn to do the drills (not every time, but this is serious progress), and she participated in every aspect of the practice. :-)I don't know how this video will work - it's kind of big. Hopefully it will load.

She is on the same team with a friend of ours, Claudia (Claudia's younger sister Juliette was in the same preschool class with Heidi last year and our families have become good friends). Here Emma and Claudia are doing "toe touches."And here is the cheering section (Juliette & Heidi) - both SO wanting to play. Maybe they can play together next year on a 4-year old team. :-)

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