Friday, September 17, 2010

Emma's Fun Run

Emma's school fundraiser this year was a Boosterthon Fun Run. Each student was to get pledges and then participate in a Fun Run. We collected pledges from friends and family (THANK YOU!) and then Emma did the Fun Run this past Thursday. They said most kids would run between 25 and 35 laps.
Heidi, Rachel and I went to the school Thursday morning to cheer Emma on.
Emma did SO well - I was really proud of her. She stayed on task, participated fully, and completed 28 laps! :-) She had a smile on her face almost the entire time!
She really probably could have done a couple more, but she discovered the water station. They were supposed to get a small drink of water after every 5th lap. In watching her, I think she was there a little more frequently than that. ;-)
It was a really fun time of music and all the kids were really enjoying it. Each kid got a "Leader Launch" t-shirt and on the back was a circle with boxes around the perimeter numbered 1 to 35. As they crossed the start line, a teacher with a sharpie would mark through the next box - that's how they kept up with the number of laps. And they did a great job of mixing it up for the kids - a skipping lap, a "give all the moms high-5's" lap, walk a lap with a friend, etc. It was a fun event and the fundraiser was a gigantic success for the school!

Video: "Walk a lap with a friend." I have no idea who the other girl is. But if you listen, you can hear the announcer say "pick up the pace" and they both take off running. :-)

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