Monday, August 30, 2010

House Work

WARNING - No cute kid pictures here... Strictly homeowner business.

House work -in a big way. We have known we needed to replace our siding for quite some time. We finally got serious about it last Fall. However with all the rain and our flooding issues, we felt the need to handle that first. So, now that our drainage system and regrading is all done and seems to be working well (we just need to plant grass this Fall), it was time to revisit the siding project.

We met with a couple companies, but went back to the one we actually had a contract with last Fall. Their crew showed up last Monday morning (8/23) and worked most of the week. They actually ended up needing to order more siding to complete the job, so it should be finished this week. We also had some roofers come to analyze and repair a problem area we've had that caused some water damage on our porch ceiling. Then today a crew came to install a new gutter system. And sometime this week another crew will come blow more insulation in to our attic. SO... There's a big dumpster in our driveway, there have been lots of contractors around, LOTS of pounding, and LOTS of nails, but we are VERY pleased with how it has turned out.

Jason, being the detail oriented guy that he is, has photographically documented the majority of the project. He has taken 577 photos and 18 videos (so far). :-) Love him!!! :-) But I'll just share a few. ;-)

Bye-bye yellow sidingNaked house
Our dumpsterWrapped houseSiding going upRoofing workGutter systemMostly done
A photo of the finished project will eventually be posted. But you get the idea. We've gone from a yellow house to a blue/gray house. We'll have a little bit of painting to do to finish it off, but it feels wonderful to have this done!

The next post will return to cute pictures of little girls - as Rachel turns 1 on Saturday! :-)

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