Friday, September 10, 2010

Rachel's Birthday & Baptism

We had a celebratory Labor Day weekend around the Smucker house. My birthday was Friday, September 3; Rachel's birthday was Saturday, September 4; and Rachel was baptized Sunday, September 5. (And in a much less celebratory manner, Jason and I ran the US 10K Classic on Monday, September 6 - well, he ran it, I covered the distance.)

We enjoyed having Jason's parents, sister and our little niece come down for the weekend. Then all of my family joined the party on Sunday - for Rachel's baptism and then a picnic party at the park. It was a really fun time and we were so thankful and grateful that so much of our family was able to be there. We missed those of you who couldn't make it, but understand the miles. Now for the pictures....

The Birthday Girl (yes - that's a boo-boo on her forehead - just in time for birthday pictures; she rolled down a hill at Emma's soccer practice).
Becca & Rachel playing - can you say parallel playing?Budding musicians. They were both actually blowing into the recorders and playing notes.Baptism. "Thanks for the beautiful dress Grammy."Cousins.Family.Sacrament of Holy Baptism. "Thanks for sprinkling me Grandpa." Rachel actually screamed pretty good during the process."Welcome to the family, Rachel."After church it was off to the park for a picnic and party. And of course CAKE! "Hmm...What's this?"
"This is all for me?" Cake face."Mmmm. Tasty."Time for presents.Lots of helpers (Mom, sister Heidi, cousin Lindsay, cousin Kelsey, and cousin Ryan)."Now I have my OWN baby doll (rather than playing with Heidi's).""What a day!" She was asleep as soon as I put her in her car seat to leave the park.
And for her 1 year stats - she is 27 1/4 inches long and weighs 18 lbs 8.5 oz. She has 7 teeth, but is drooling like crazy, so I'm guessing we'll see some more soon.

Happy Birthday Rachel!! We love you! Can't wait to see what this year brings.

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  1. Rachel is such a precious girl and I think she looks so much like Heidi!!