Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rachel at 10 Months

Rachel was 10 months on July 4th. She is busy, busy, busy. She can stand up on her own for quite awhile. She is starting to walk with significant help holding on to our hands; but she is cruising around the furniture pretty comfortably. She is also clearing everything off the end tables, coffee table, and sofas. Time to move more things up.

Here is a video of her working at standing on July 1. She has already progressed so far since this.
She has taken well to a sippy cup and enjoys eating anything she can pick up and feed herself. She is still wary of a spoon headed towards her mouth. Maybe ice cream at her birthday will change that. :-)

She now has 6 teeth through - 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. Her hair color is still debatable depending on the lighting - but the little curls across the back are becoming a bit more pronounced - and cute!

Napping and going to sleep at night has become an issue. I believe she has discovered that there are lots of fun things to do, see, and play with and that she might miss something if she goes to sleep. So, that's a current battle.

She is making lots of different sounds and continues to be VERY loud at times. I guess she's going to be a third child who WILL be heard. :-)

We purchased a plastic baby pool this Summer and the girls have enjoyed it. A quick, easy way to cool off and get wet.
Rachel is finding her way around the playroom and finding all kinds of things - including this wooden cookie set. She has been spotted crawling around with a cookie in her mouth several times.Not sure what she thinks about the cats. She watches them when they pass through the room and she has pet them and grabbed a tail once or twice. But this just made me laugh. Kylie was just sitting between my legs twitching her tail (it's kind of a large file - I hope this works).

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