Thursday, July 8, 2010

Comments and Conversations

Emma was sitting in the floor of the play room. Rachel crawled over and started to climb on her a little.
Emma: "Rachel is trying to turn me in to a toy!"
Any time Rachel is asleep in her car seat...
Emma: "Rachel is worn out."
Heidi, Rachel and I were going shopping.
Heidi: "Where are we going?"
Laura: "JCPenney"
Heidi: "Why?"
Laura: "Because I want to get a new bathing suit."
Heidi: "Maybe they'll have a princess one - a Cinderella one."
Laura: "For you or for me?"
Heidi: "For you."

After shopping and purchasing a new bathing suit...
Laura: "Thanks for going shopping with me."
Heidi: "I didn't see a Cinderella bathing suit."
Laura: "Do you like the one I bought."
Heidi: "No. Maybe we should look somewhere else for a Cinderella one."
After driving home from thursday morning bible study (about 40 min)...
Heidi: I'm going to take a nap while you make lunch.
While we were hiking a trail at a local park...
Emma: Will you pick me up? My legs are broken.
I'm sure there are so many more that just happen and I forget about.

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