Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cow Appreciation Day

It is no secret that our family really enjoys Chick-fil-A! So, when there is an opportunity for free food and fun - we are there! Last Friday was Cow Appreciation Day - did you know that? Maybe it's a National holiday??? At least it is in the Chick-fil-A world. :-) And on Cow Appreciation Day, if you come fully dressed as a cow, you get a free meal.

So, Jason loaned out a couple white undershirts. He drew large spots on pieces of paper which Heidi then colored in and Jason pinned to the shirts. He made cow tails for them. We already had head gear, courtesy of CFA. So here are our two "fire cows."Here is Heidi showing the full costume - including the tail in her hand. :-)
No, Jason and I did not dress up. Jason did wear the cow hat. But for free food for a family of 5 - we might all be dressing up next year!

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