Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wrapping Up Soccer

Emma's last soccer game of the season was yesterday (Saturday). And honestly, I think it was her best game ever! She followed the ball around the field (still a bit behind, but at least she was following it) and she was also given the opportunity to play goalie - and she made two saves! :-) It's definitely been a learning experience for her (and us as far as how to help her engage), but she says she has had fun and that she wants to play again. So, we'll see. Here are a few more pics from the day...

It's hard to see her, but Emma is right in the middle - white shirt, #9 - following the ball down the field.Coach Lori helped her with what to do as goalie.The Killer Whales (minus two teammates).Emma LOVED the water bottle every game - and every game there was a potty break during the game.After the game, they had an end of season pizza party. The girls ate pizza and Oreo cookies and received trophies. Here is Coach Lori giving Emma her trophy.
This church has a Spring soccer league as well - maybe we'll sign her up again then.

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