Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Heidi!!!

Heidi is 4 years old today!!! Where does the time go?

We decided to have a friend party for her for the first time this year. She invited all her friends from preschool, plus several others. So we had 15 kids join us yesterday for the party at the facility where Heidi takes gymnastics. They have in-ground trampolines, slides, an inflatable bounce house, a tall inflatable slide, a rope swing, foam pit, and lots of things to climb on. Everyone exerted a lot of energy and had a good time.

Heidi & Jason playing with the parachute. Everyone held a handle and walked around in a circle singing Happy Birthday to Heidi.Friends waiting in line for the rope swing (our girls weren't interested in doing it).Heidi in the foam pit.Happiness is climbing for Rachel.Emma having fun!Jason and Heidi jumping.Daddy in the foam pit.After everyone was done playing, it was time to go in to "the party room" for pizza, cake and ice cream. Heidi got to wear the "birthday crown."Heidi had asked for a Cinderella cake. I remember my mom making doll cakes for my sisters way back when - and I want to try to make my daughters' birthday cakes just like my mom has always done (and still does) for me. (Thanks Mom!!!) So I tackled Cinderella... After reading up on assembly hints online, baking two cake mixes and lots of blue food coloring, Cinderella emerged. :-)I was very pleased with how it turned out. And Heidi really liked it too.

Heidi and Cinderella.Blowing out the candles - one at a time (and everyone is leaning in to watch).I think a fun time was had by all and I know Heidi enjoyed her party. She is blessed to have so many wonderful friends. When we got home from the party, she wanted to open her presents. She received lots of fun, neat, and very nice gifts from her friends. She has already started playing with lots of them! Thanks everyone!!!

So that was yesterday. Today as her actual birthday, she chose where we would go for lunch after church - "Welcome to Moes!" :-) Grammy and Papa were able to join us and we had a great lunch together. This afternoon she actually had another friend's birthday party to go to, so we did that. Then it was just spending the evening at home. And I made her request for dinner - Kraft Mac 'n Cheese - easy to please. :-)

Happy Birthday Heidi!!! We love you!!

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