Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rachel Update

Rachel's 1 year pictures.Rachel is on the go. We're in chase mode. I need to get some videos of her to share. One of her newest tricks (thanks to Heidi's assistance) is climbing the Little Tikes slide we have in our play room. Initially she would climb up the stairs and stand at the top - so proud of herself. She needed help to sit down and then she inched forward to slide down.Now she has almost mastered being able to do the whole process herself. However I am not comfortable enough to take a video while she does it herself - I still prefer to spot her. But we'll try to get one soon.

Her eighth front tooth has finally poked through this week. Additionally she has a molar coming through. She really uses her teeth. She eats anything and everything you will give her and she can put away some serious food for such a little peanut. Last Sunday we went to The Varsity after church. Rachel ate 1 1/2 chicken fingers, 1/2 of a cheeseburger (see picture below), 1/3 of a hot dog and a handful of french fries!!! She's getting quite a little tummy!
I'll try to remember those videos and post some more soon.

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