Thursday, August 5, 2010

1st day of 1st Grade

Summer is officially over for Emma. 1st grade started today. We met her teacher on Tuesday and she seems really nice. Emma has a couple friends from last year in her class this year, so that'll be good. Just as she ended last year, she will participate with a general ed 1st grade homeroom and go to lunch, recess, and specials with them. Then all of her academics she will have in a small group classroom. This year I believe there are 6 students in the small group class - 3 1st graders and 3 kindergartners. And she will have the same teacher in the small group class as she had last year - for which we are very thankful. :-)

Here are some pictures from this morning. It's a very early morning for all of us in that her bus picks her up at 6:37! And this morning they were at our driveway at 6:30!!! Hopefully it will slide a little later as they get in to a routine. So, these aren't the greatest pictures, but it's the first day of 1st grade! :-)
Breakfast...Walking out the door.On the bus.
I had hoped to get some pictures this afternoon when she got home, but she was asleep on the bus, so I had to carry her in to the house and then I didn't think about it again.

We are excited about this year of school and are praying that she has a year of tremendous growth and development.

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