Friday, May 7, 2010

Makes me smile

So I really often feel that I spend lots of my day telling Heidi "no" and "stop doing" whatever and disciplining her. But in the last week I've really tried to focus on spending more time with her and watching the things she does.

A couple days ago I was vacuuming our room. When I came out in to the hall, Heidi had "her vacuum cleaner" - the ball popper push toy and she was "vacuuming" also. But the real kicker was that she had the end of a jump rope at the handle and the rest of it was dragging behind her like a power cord. I just had to smile. :-)

You really become aware of your actions and words when you have children. Heidi recently walked in to the kitchen and said, "I just left Ella Kate a message; now I'm going to go send her an email." (Ella Kate is one of her preschool classmates.)

Then this afternoon, she had gathered a whole bunch of toys in her grocery cart. She likes to pretend to play store. The check out is usually the hearth of our fire place. I was sitting in the living room floor with Rachel and Heidi turned to me and said, "They don't take Discover." I just cracked up. Then she said it again, "I have a Discover, but they don't take Discover."

They can really make you smile and give you lots of joy if you let them. :-)

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