Monday, May 3, 2010

Circus & Carnival

Saturday we went to the Yarrab Shrine Circus & Carnival. It's held at a county park not too far from us. We have known of it for many years, but have never gone. In fact, our first real interaction with it was the first year we hosted our boomerang tournament. We showed up to the field we had "reserved" for our tournament, and there was a helicopter in one corner of the field. The helicopter was giving rides as part of the carnival. For the rest of that story, we did manage to coexist for our tournament, but from then on, we always made sure we didn't pick the same weekend as the carnival. :-)Back to this year... Emma's bus monitor is a Shriner and he generously gave us tickets to the circus (this picture is with a Shriner after the circus - it is not Emma's bus monitor). So we definately wanted to go. We went to the 1 PM circus and really enjoyed it. If you live in the area, I highly recommend it. It's a true three ring circus with everything from acrobats and trapeze artists to elephants, horses, ponies, dogs, a llama and a camel. And of course there are clowns. It really is well done. It's over for this year, but look for it next April!Emma LOVED the circus. It was fun to watch her grin and laugh. She says her favorite part was the clowns.Heidi, on the other had, was petrified of the clowns. They didn't even have to be near her. In fact, before the circus even started, the clowns were milling around in front and she said she was ready to go. Then during the first actual clown act, she had her head buried in Jason's chest. It was cute and kind of sad all at the same time. She says her favorite part was the acrobats.After the circus, we took to the carnival midway. The girls were able to ride 5 rides each with the tickets we bought. They would have done more, but the wallet quit there. :-) Here are the rides they did:Heidi didn't last too long in the bouncy fire dog. But Emma bounced and went down the slide 'til her time was up.I don't know what this means for when they turn 16, but they had fun in this pink jeep! They both turned their steering wheel to the left the entire time.Heidi was so excited when she saw this train (actually from the pink jeep). But she spent the whole ride looking down at her feet. But then she also says it was her favorite thing - who knows.They always enjoy a carousel.That's Heidi, Jason and Emma sitting at the top (the photographer failed on this ride). They slid down sitting on mats.I think we'll definitely plan on going again next year! Maybe we'll make a tradition of it.

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