Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rachel at 8 Months

Rachel is 8 months old today. And in case you missed it buried in the Spring Break post, her first tooth came through the first week in April and her second one came through a couple weeks ago - both bottom front teeth. I haven't seen any signs of the top ones, but she continues to drool, so we'll see.

Mobility has begun...
She has become very proficient at rolling . We have had a quilt in the play room with her toys on it and we generally put her down on the quilt to play - kind of defining her space. However, she can now go way beyond the quilt - and frequently does. In fact, she generally rolls around a room until she bumps in to a piece of furniture - sofa, entertainment center, dresser, bunk bed... so I think she'll be showing off some bumps and bruises from now on. She also has started pushing up in to the crawling position and rocking a little. So I'm sure crawling is right around the corner. I'm not sure I'm ready for that.She continues to exhibit signs of being a picky eater. She nurses well, but she has had zero desire for baby cereal or baby food. She does eat Gerber Graduate fruit & veggie puffs - so I guess that's good. It's a start. Maybe she's just going to go straight to solids. We haven't tried any table food yet. So, we'll see.

No 8 month check up, so we'll get updated stats at her 9 month check up in June. But she's pretty much in to 6-9 month clothes now. In fact, it really needs to get warm and stay warm 'cause we don't have any long sleeve/pant outfits in 6-9 months! (OK, as I type this, it's 80 degrees outside. I think warm is here.)

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