Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wrapping up Summer

Well, school started three days ago, so I guess it's time to sum up our Summer.  It was good, fun and busy. Going in to Summer, I didn't feel like we had a lot going on - but boy it didn't feel that way.  We stayed really busy and it went by really fast!

After our camping week, Emma started her summer of ESY (Extended School Year). Her program was 4 days a week from 9-12, so that still left time to have fun together.
Heidi and Rachel were able to attend VBS at our church.  The theme was a '70's theme - "We Are Family" and they had so much fun.
One of the activities was a box maze. Here they are exploring it.
Heidi also attended VBS at her preschool church. She had a great time with that too! We are all still enjoying the music CD from the week.

Emma and Heidi were both able to attend Grammy Camp this Summer. My mom takes each of the grandkids individually for a few days and plans activities and field trips and general fun. This was Heidi's first time and she had a wonderful time! Part of both of their Grammy Camp experiences was gem mining.  At the end of Emma's camp time, we all went up and did it together.
That led us straight in to Independence Day. After the gem mining, the girls stayed with Grammy & Papa for the night so Jason and I could get up and run the Peachtree Roadrace on the 4th. It was particularly warm and we knew it would be, so we took it slowly. I think we both enjoyed it despite the fact we weren't as trained for it as we would have liked.
After the race, yummy brunch with a friend, and a shower, we drove back up to Dahlonega for their Independence Day parade.  Grammy was in the parade! We were trying to teach Rachel to keep the flags off the ground.
Heidi was enjoying taking pictures of everything - even the cars driving by before the parade started.
Enjoying the parade.
Flag waving.
Family Pic.
After the parade we packed up a picnic dinner to eat while we waited for the fireworks to begin. Waiting for the fireworks.
Almost fireworks time!
It was a really fun and tiring day!  We spent the night with Grammy & Papa and then got up early to drive home so Jason could get in to work.
Then we left the next morning to drive to Nashville for the US Boomerang Nationals. I didn't get many pictures, but it was INCREDIBLY hot while we were there.  The kids had fun trying to stay cool and making new friends.
In addition to the chairs and umbrellas, there was a baby pool that was a huge hit too! It was a great tournament and a fun time with all our boomerang friends.
The girls are interacting with our cats more and more. The cats are still rather timid around Rachel & Heidi (they move too fast and are too loud), but they do occasionally oblige the girls' desires to "catch" them and pet them.
The Olympic Games have wrapped up the Summer. I always enjoy watching the Olympics and I think I turned Heidi and Rachel in to Olympics junkies too.  Every day Heidi asked me to turn the TV on so she could watch whatever sport they were showing. Heidi's favorite was gymnastics and Rachel's favorites were beach volleyball and gymnastics.
Watching the Olympics.
Well, that's kind of our Summer in a nutshell. I'm not sure what all else we did - a few play dates with friends, swimming at the Y a little, visits to Champion Kids and Catch Air, and just general fun I guess.
School has now started (next post) and Fall activities are getting in to full swing!  Never a dull moment. But what fun would that be.

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