Wednesday, August 15, 2012

School 2012-13

School started two days ago on August 13. First day of school pictures.
Heidi has started Kindergarten and is absolutely loving it!
After the first day, Heidi said her favorite thing was art. She couldn't remember any friends' names, but she did know her teacher's names, so I guess that's good.
Emma is starting 3rd grade.
Her first words to me after she got off the bus the first day were, "Mommy, did you enjoy your stay at home day with Rachel today?" :-)
They are riding the big bus together (up to now, Emma has always taken a special ed bus).
And they are enjoying friends at the bus stop. Here's Heidi with our neighbor Natalie.
While Emma and Heidi were gone for the first day of school, Rachel and I stayed busy.  We played at least 8 games of "Don't Break the Ice," played store, and she did all of her button art images - I think all before 9AM. :-)
She REALLY wanted to go to her school Monday too, but she had to wait 'til Tuesday. But she was so excited!  Can't you just see the excitement in that face?
She had a really great day too. She can't wait to go back tomorrow.  She'll be going on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I think she would love to go everyday if she could (I wouldn't mind it either, but I think we both have to wait a couple years).
Now that school is in session all the fall activities will start to get going too.  All three girls are taking gymnastics classes, Emma continues to take her horseback riding lessons, and Heidi will start soccer in the next several weeks.  Here we go.....

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