Monday, June 20, 2011

Sister's Day

So we almost always go out to lunch after church on Sunday. It's just become a routine/habit/tradition - whatever you want to call it. And my parents often join us - so it's a great time to visit with them. Sometimes one of the adults will have a specific idea on where we should go or where we shouldn't go that week. But more often than not, Heidi weighs in her opinion and that's often where we go. Emma is generally pretty agreeable to wherever. And Rachel doesn't have the words to weigh in yet - but they are coming fast and furious so I'm guessing it's only a matter of months before she'll be able to convincingly give her input. We may have to start taking turns like we do for picking movies to watch in the car on trips!

However, on Mother's Day, a month or so ago, Heidi was a little disappointed to find out that Grammy and I were going to decide where to have lunch. So when Father's Day rolled around this past weekend, she apparently started lobbying Jason Saturday night as to where we might eat lunch on Sunday. She knew that it would be Papa & Daddy's decision.

So Sunday morning as I was getting her ready for church, she asks, "Is there a Sister's Day?" Not realizing exactly where she was headed with this, I told her "no, why?" To which she said, "So I can pick where we go (for lunch)." :-)

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