Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Break

I am woefully behind on my blog updates. Spring Break was a month ago and I'm finally getting around to posting the details. So here goes...

The Friday before Spring Break, Heidi's school had their "3''s Spring Sing." All of the 3 year old classes sang 8 or 9 songs. They did a really great job (amazingly so when you think of the number of kids and they are all 3 or 4)! It was really cute! I tried to upload a video, but it's just not working, so here's a picture. Heidi is on the back row.Heidi's Spring Break started with her helping Jason buy new tires for the van. She learned about using a penny to check the wear on the tire - got to do it on our old tire and then on a new tire.
She seemed to really enjoy the process. She likes helping Daddy with his projects.

We had several play dates with friends over the first part of the week. But on Wednesday, we went to Zoo Atlanta with our friends Claudia & Juliette. We had quite a challenge finding a place to park (everyone who didn't go out of town for Spring Break was keeping the area attractions hopping!!), but once we did we had a great time at the zoo. Here are our little birds:We got to see Mr. Lion - which is VERY rare. He's generally hiding in the shade - a benefit to going on a cooler day. :-)And giraffes - everyone loves seeing them.Claudia and Heidi have the same kid-friendly camera and they enjoyed taking their own pictures of the animals. I should post one of those - not sure what she ended up with. But Rachel got the camera later (don't tell her she will probably never own a camera with a view finder).After our lunch break, Ms. Heather treated the girls to frozen lemonade. Yum!A visit to the zoo wouldn't be complete without going to the petting zoo. They have goats, sheep, and pigs. Emma, of course, LOVED it.And Heidi made GIGANTIC strides towards getting over her fear of animals. I didn't believe her when she said she wanted to go in to the petting zoo. And then she wanted to get a brush so she could brush them! Progress...And we topped off our visit with a ride on the zoo train (Emma and Claudia chose to go in the bounce house instead - divide and conquer!).A VERY fun day with VERY good friends!!! And now we have an annual pass - so you'll probably be seeing more zoo pictures. Maybe you can even go with us sometime!

Friday of Spring Break we met some friends at a new park - very nice AstroTurf surface and some unique things to play on! We'll have to go back again. Here is Heidi and Natalie in the "big ball" - a really neat structure for them to climb.And of course swings...Heidi & Rachel enjoyed the "bouncy car."And they had a little store front built in to one of the playgrounds. I think Heidi was selling animals. :-) Not sure what Rachel bought, but looks like a happy transaction.Then Friday evening we went to play mini golf. We have a Curious George video that shows George learning to play mini golf. (As it turns out, this is the "golf" that Heidi wanted to play in a quote several posts back.) It was fun!Rachel enjoyed being part of the obstacles.All done after the final hole...Big Finish!And we topped off the evening with our newest discovery - Rita's Frozen Custard & Italian Ice. Yummy!!!

Finally, we finished off the week with a family celebration. My grandmother turned 95 earlier in the week so we all got together for a fun, delicious lunch at Red Lobster, then on to a park for cupcakes, ice cream, presents, and playing. I didn't get too many pictures, but here's a cute one of Great Gram and Rachel.It was a fun, busy week.

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